Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I play trace perfect?
A. If this is the first time you are playing trace perfect, I suggest you start from this quick and easy hands-on tutorial. The exact rules in detail are explained on this page.

Q. What is it good for?
A. Well your brain mostly, click here for more good reasons.

Q. Why should I sign-up / sign-in?
A. Two main reasons:
  • So that you can track your progress, watch you statistics, and receive an email when someone beats your best score in a puzzle
  • Just in case you win the monthly t-shirt draw, so that I can personally contact you for delivery details. See next Question about t-shirt draw.
Q. What about the monthly t-shirt draw?
A. On the last Sunday of every month, I will randomly draw a player that has played tRace perfect at least once during that month. I will then contact that player by email to ask for delivery details. A sample t-shirt and the list of winners can be seen on the monthly competition page.

Q. What about the logo?
A. The logo represents a continuous trace to form the letters 't' and 'P'. It is also made up of 3 'L' shapes, an inspiration from the L game by Edward DeBono. I sketched it,
and NMS Designs helped me flesh it.

Q. How do I Sign In / Up?
A. To sign in, just finish any puzzle, and the sign-in form will show under the puzzle.

Q. How do I Sign Out?
A. Click on the Sign Out link from the left menu above the facebook like button.

Q. What technology do you use?
A. This website is powered by blogger. The server of the game is in java on google app engine. The client is Flash and was translated from a java applet by Sebastian Herrlinger

Q. Who are you and what's your story?
A. This page might answer this question for you: tRace Perfect story and inspiration

Q. Can I ask a different question?
A. Sure, use the form below to submit your question as a comment to this page, and I will answer it asap.