How to Play tRace Perfect

tRace Perfect is designed so that every puzzle is as easy or as hard as you wish. You can also spend as little or as much time as you wish, but you will always finish the puzzle and accomplish a goal.

In Short:
  • Click from corner to corner
  • To finish the puzzle, cover all the lines
  • Your score goes up as you travel across lines depending on their length
  • Bumps on the left of your direction while crossing a line make the score go up even more
  • Try to beat the lowest or the highest score

Read on for more detail, or start playing tRace Perfect now!

In its easiest form, all you have to do to finish the puzzle is:

"Start from any corner, and trace along until you covered every line in the puzzle"

Or, if the puzzle has some highlighted corners, your goal is even easier:

"Start from a highlighted corner, and trace along until you covered every highlighted corner"

And that is it. Your goal is reached. You finished the puzzle!

How easy is that? Too easy, you say? That's when the action 'to perfect' comes in "tRace Perfect".

So the next thing is "You should try to beat the lowest, or the highest score"

See, whenever you make a move along a line, your score goes up by the length of that line. You should try to solve the puzzle with the lowest score possible, and beat someone else's lowest score.

You do this by choosing the shortest path to solve the puzzle, and by avoiding going back on lines you have already covered. But also...

You may notice that some lines have little bumps at one or both of their ends. This means that going across that line will bump up your score by even more.

Example: Say the puzzle has two lines of equal lengths. One of the lines has no bumps on it. When you go across this line, your score increases by 8. The other line has one bump at the start of it. When you cross this line starting from the bump side, your score will increase by 10. This is 25% more than when you crossed the other line that had the same length but no bumps.

So to keep your score low, avoid bumps where possible.

Is this still not enough of a challenge for you? Would you like more glory in the hall of fame? Want your nickname up high in more than one scoresheet?

Why don't you try getting the highest score? Easy you think? Think again, because...

It's not just a matter of going back and forth on the same line to bump up your score. tRace Perfect will detect that you are repeating moves, and it will undo them for you. You will see your score going back down if you repeat a set of moves. There are two retrace detection rules:

The first one is the forth-back-forth detection. As soon as you go forth-back-forth on the same sub-route, the back-fourth moves are immediately undone. The score decreases to the same total as if you never did the back-forth part, and you are left in the same state as if you just did the first forth part. Example: Say you trace from point x to point y to point z, represented as [x,y,z]. Then you go back on your steps to x, so your moves now are [x,y,z,y,x]. Now you decide to go forth again to z, so your moves would be [x,y,z,y,x,y,z]. However, as soon as you make the final move to z, you last four moves will be undone, and the score and the state will reflect as if you only ever did [x,y,z].

The second retrace rule is the loop-repetition detection. If part of your trace is a loop, then if immediately or later on in your route you repeat the exact same loop, the moves of the repeated loop will be undone. Example: Say you start with the following moves: [a,b,c,a], so effectively this is a triangle. Then you go do some other moves, example: [a,b,c,a,x,y,a]. Then you decide to repeat that first triangle part again, so you would try the following moves: [a,b,c,a,x,y,a,b,c,a]. However, as soon as you make that final move to 'a', The loop-repetition detection will trigger and you will be left as if you only ever did the moves: [a,b,c,a,x,y,a]

So it is trickier than you think to get the highest score in a puzzle. But it is as prestigious (if not more) than getting the lowest score...

Want one last thing to boast about? Why not try to be the player who has solved the puzzle most times? That means the player who has the most runs for a puzzle. By now you should have guessed that it's not as easy as tracing the puzzle again and again in the same way. If you solve the puzzle twice in the exact same way, this will only count as one run.

And that is finally it! Start playing tRace Perfect now!

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