Every Puzzle has a Story

old maltese tiles - fractal looking pattern
My Grandfather's old Maltese Tiles
My name is Patrick. I was born in Malta in 1981. I now live in Sydney, Australia. I am a passionate qualified software developer and an equally passionate but unqualified creative thinker. So, how did tRace Perfect come to be?

I remember when I was a little kid I used to air-trace with my index finger along patterns on the Mediterranean tiles of my parent's bathroom, while, you know, doing what you do in a bathroom. I confess, I still do it now, anytime, anywhere, at any pattern I notice.

My wife, Sylvia, baking yummy muffins
I'm always thinking hard of ways to optimize even the simplest of processes. Ask my wife. I'm always suggesting to her ways how I think she can improve every little process she does in the kitchen, timewise, moneywise, quality wise. She tells me off. Call me lazy or cheap. A saying in my native language translates to "with a dull mind you get strong legs". I like to use this as an excuse for why I am not exactly the fittest person around.

And the final vertex of the trio, doodling. My attention span shortened during my late high school and uni years. And what do you do in class when you lose interest in a lecture and your mind wanders off to another parallel universe? You doodle, on any and plenty of white space in my note books. Don't tell my boss but I still do it during boring work meetings, or during creative brain storming sessions.

brain storming doodle of mine
brain storming doodle of mine
So, passion for patterns, optimising processes and doodles. It was only a matter of time till all three crashed together in my brain. The idea evolved over more than a year. It heated and cooled and boiled back in my mind. Until I started shaping it in a google document, adding details to it over months and months. tRace Perfect is the result. And this is its story. And because everyone likes stories, every puzzle comes with one. A bite size story. A snack for thought.

The following are my goals for tRace Perfect:
  • Launch Trace Perfect website
  • 365 new puzzles in the first year
  • 1000 puzzle players in a day
  • Launch Android App
  • Launch iPhone App
  • Launch Flash or HTML 5 client that can be embedded on any website
  • Launch public puzzle creation and submission tool

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Unknown said...

Good luck Patrick ... if the first game is anything to go by I am sure you will meet all your targets very soon. xxx

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