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Bumps up the score

This is the most important lesson to keep your score low. Imagine the puzzle as a typical street map from above. Now imagine yourself driving around these streets to finish the puzzle. Whenever you go past a bump that is on the left hand side of the road, that bump will make going through that street 25% longer.

So in the puzzle below, the box has equal length sides. All of them will add 20 to your score if you go around anti-clock-wise (you never go past a bump on the left). But if you go around clock-wise, then each side will add 25 to your score instead, because you drive past bumps to your left. So to achieve a lower score, try to avoid driving along lines that have bumps on the left of the direction you are traveling.

Also, to help you quickly notice which direction the bumps are in effect, they are placed closer to the start of the line where they would be effective from.

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