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A New Puzzle Every Day

So that is all there is to tRace Perfect. I publish a new puzzle daily. Each will come with a very short story, quick fact or inspiration that you can read under the puzzle. If you have more questions, see the FAQ page

You can navigate from puzzle to puzzle by clicking the "previous" and "newer" puzzle links above. Or you can browse through the puzzle archive from the menu on the left under the leader board summary.

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Aiming for something different

If maybe a low score is not your thing, you can instead aim for a high score. The trick here is that the puzzle will not let you increase your score by repeating the same moves. The highest score you can get in the puzzle below is 117. Can you achieve it?

I can also tell you that there are 4 different ways to finish this puzzle. Your statistics underneath tell you how many of them you have found. Can you find them all?

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A Different Goal

Sometimes a trace perfect puzzle will have some corners highlighted in red. When this is the case, to finish the puzzle you must start from one of the red corners and visit all the other red corners. So you do not need to trace across every line.

The aim is still to finish the puzzle with the lowest score possible. It's a bit like finding the quickest way from your home to your work place.

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A Trickier One

To finish this particular puzzle, you cannot avoid going over the same line more than once. But depending on how you move, you can still achieve a lower score.
Hint: If you must repeat a line, try to choose the shortest one. 

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Bumps up the score

This is the most important lesson to keep your score low. Imagine the puzzle as a typical street map from above. Now imagine yourself driving around these streets to finish the puzzle. Whenever you go past a bump that is on the left hand side of the road, that bump will make going through that street 25% longer.

So in the puzzle below, the box has equal length sides. All of them will add 20 to your score if you go around anti-clock-wise (you never go past a bump on the left). But if you go around clock-wise, then each side will add 25 to your score instead, because you drive past bumps to your left. So to achieve a lower score, try to avoid driving along lines that have bumps on the left of the direction you are traveling.

Also, to help you quickly notice which direction the bumps are in effect, they are placed closer to the start of the line where they would be effective from.

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Keep Your Score Low

Try to reach or beat the lowest score displayed in the info section under the puzzle. In this puzzle, try to avoid crossing the same line twice to keep your score low. Did you equal or beat someone else's lowest score? You can try again simply by clicking on the puzzle again.

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Track Your Progress and Win a t-shirt

This lesson will teach you how to sign in so that:
  • you can keep track of your statistics and progress
  • and for a monthly chance to win a t-shirt.
When you finish this puzzle below, a simple "one-click" sign-in form is displayed underneath. Simply provide:
  • a nickname - this will show in the leader boards 
  • a secret number - so that no one else uses your nickname, example "90210" 
  • your email address - just in case you win that t-shirt, and also so that I can let you know when someone has beaten your best score. I promise I will never ever give out your email address to anyone
Then click on the button, and that is all! You will immediately see your statistics displayed.

After you sign in, click here to go to the next lesson

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The Simplest Puzzle Ever Created

Instructions: To finish a trace perfect puzzle, click from corner to corner until you have covered every line. When you cross a line, it goes from dashed to solid. The longer the line, the more the score goes up. Watch your score go up as you make your moves.

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